Buying Property through your Super ?

Buying property through your Super? Property is the most trusted asset class for Australians, yet only around 3.5% of all SMSF investment is in residential property according to the latest ABS report ( Property investment can produce a range of tax benefits, for e.g. your tax can be significantly reduced or eliminated for rental income […] Read More

Pay Less Tax & Get more Super

The idea of working full-time one day and retiring the next is fast becoming a trend of the past. Many Australians are experimenting with different versions of retirement, such as working fewer hours or changing careers. A popular option for those seeking a flexible retirement is a transition-to-retirement pension, or TRIP. It typically replaces taxable […] Read More

The 2 biggest expenses you will ever have – and why you want to make one BIGGER

The two biggest expenses you will ever have, and You’ll want to make one BIGGER…   In your lifetime you will encounter many, many expenses. Doctors and dentists, cars and houses, repairs and replacements but there are two expenses that dwarf them all. Tax & Retirement Retirement Think about it, when you retire you stop working, […] Read More

Borrowing through a SMSF door closing ?

Get in touch if you would like to discuss this opportunity before it goes away - NEW REPORT: Borrowing Through Your SMSF could be BANNED.  At the weekend David Murray handed down his ‘Financial Systems Inquiry Report’, which included 44 recommendations, one of which was the prohibition on direct borrowing by superannuation funds. So […] Read More

Why Xero ?

Why Xero? We’re glad you asked. From baking to bricklaying, consulting to crafting – whatever keeps you busy, Xero makes your business life easier. Xero is online accounting software that connects you with your numbers, your business and us, your advisors. Anytime, anywhere from any device. 1. COLLABORATE IN THE CLOUD Bringing more heads to […] Read More

Are You the Tax Man’s Target ?

Client Alert!September 2014   Are you the Tax Man’s Target? If you work then the answer is probably YES. Unlike recent years, instead of a specific industry, this year the ATO intends to target specific work related expenses. These areas include:   Claiming a computer, phone or other electronic device as a work-related expense Transporting bulky […] Read More

Protect yourself from making emotional financial decisions

Who will PROTECT you from your emotional decisions? We all do it, we make irrational decisions based on emotion. So how can we protect ourselves from, well, ourselves? It is SO important to have someone watching your financial back. To look at the big picture and give you sound advice on the market. This could […] Read More

MyTax 2014 – What you need to know

The boring old tax return has come a long way since the ‘Tax Pack’ days. The Government have announced the roll out of the new MyTax system. Users all over Australia will be receiving text messages to inform them over the coming weeks. So we just wanted to let you know what it means for […] Read More

Federal Budget 2014 – What you need to know

Yesterday, the Treasurer Joe Hockey delivered his first Federal budget. The budget was in many ways what was expected, below is a summary of the key features and how they could affect you – Please get in contact with us if you would like further details on how these decisions will affect your own personal […] Read More

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